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This iPhone has been remanufactured to factory specifications by an award winning global mobile phone repair company. It is NOT just a used phone that has been cleaned up to be called refurbished; this iPhone will have all the form, fit and function of a new iPhone. This iPhone is disassembled and fully tested by component. The body of the phone is re-anodized to remove dents or imperfections, any nonfunctioning component is repaired or replaced. The battery is checked to 80% or greater capacity, if not at 80%, its replaced with a new battery. The screen will always look like new, as they are repaired with new glass or swapped with new if existing LCD is bad. Any other electronic hardware not passing diagnostic testing is replaced. The phone is reassembled and run through normal manufacturing testing including, but not limited to, test and verification to be fully unlocked and 100% compatible with all US cellular carriers both GSM and CDMA networks. After shipping, the phone is run through one more diagnostic check. A total 3 quality checks are performed during each repair process. Each remanufactured iPhone comes fully backed with a 90-day warranty that is fulfilled by Micro Center in person in the form of an exchange same day.