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Whether you need a selfie stick or a tripod for your smartphone, the Bower 6-in-1 Multipod is an excellent choice. It eliminates the need for content creators and photographers to carry multiple mounting brackets for their smartphones with them. Instead, the Multipod transforms from a tripod into a selfie-stick. So, whether you need to record yourself at your desk for social media live streams, get footage for YouTube while walking around, or need to capture images and videos of a large group of people at special events, the versatile Multipod has you covered.Are you a crew of 1? No problem. The Bower Multipod includes a Bluetooth-enabled remote shutter button. As an influencer, framing the perfect shot is essential. Position your smartphone, GoPro, or other devices, frame your photo, and then start recording yourself remotely once you are in position. Shooting video out in the wild for social media doesnt always mean you have ideal places to situate your camera. The Bower MultiPod has an adjustable base, extends up to 36 inches, and includes a ball pivot camera mount to ensure you get the best footage possible.