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Eventemp® Cooling System:
Prevent Warm Spots And Unwanted Freezing With Our Eventemp® Cooling System'S Optimized Airflow That Ensures A Consistent Temperature Throughout Your Refrigerator.
Flexible Interior Storage System:
Find A Place For Everything With Our Flexible Interior Storage Options Designed For Busy Families, Including Full-Width Glass Shelving In The Freezer And Refrigerator, A Sliding Half-Width Deli Drawer, And Spacious Door Bins.
Humidity-Controlled Crisper Drawer:
Keep Produce Fresher Longer, So You Waste Less And Save Money With Our Humidity-Controlled Crisper Drawer.
Auto-Close Doors:
Avoid Spoiled Food And Soupy Ice Cream With Our Auto-Close Doors, Which Ensure That Your Refrigerator And Freezer Are Never Left Slightly Open By Mistake.