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UpStream Mobile Capture Adapter offers users an ultra-portable solution to capture up to 4K video from any HDMI-enabled device or Android smartphone to any compatible streaming service with a plug-n-play solution. Mount your UpStream adapter to your camera or tripod with the ? mounting screw for a professional single-camera setup that is ideal for any single camera stream from unboxing, gameplay capture, vlogs, and many other live streaming scenarios. Capture any 4K video source and stream in 1080p via the USB-C connection to any compatible PC or Apple computer. The adapter works with any HDMI-enabled streaming devices, including DSLR cameras, HD cameras, camcorders, game consoles, or HDMI-enabled laptops and Android smartphones or tablets with a camera. Compact design and straight forward inputs allow even the novice live streamer to capture and stream to any mobile OBS or PC OBS without the need for external power.