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Cloud Gaming System: The best of cloud gaming in your hands: play hundreds of AAA video game titles: up to 1080p 60fps with no downloads or hardware upgrades via Wi-Fi and cloud gaming subscriptions Multiple Cloud Gaming Services: Integration with Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) and NVIDIA GeForce NOW: with access to more cloud services through the Google Play store app Remote Play: Use this handheld gaming device to remotely play your games with the Xbox Remote Play app and Steam Link apps Immersive Gaming Experience: 7-inch Full HD 1080p touchscreen with 60Hz refresh rate and full screen 16:9 gaming experience Handheld: 12 hour battery life (1) and ridiculously lightweight portable gaming system at 463 g you can comfortably play all day Ergonomic: Gaming console with gaming-grade controls that rival the best console controllers with haptics (2): gyroscope: and remappable controls Gaming Speed: Supports Wi-Fi speeds of up to 800 Mbps over a 5Ghz connection Engineered for Streaming: Features a core processor that has been optimized to reduce latency for cloud gaming and an optimized Wi-Fi radio for lower signal interference.