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The revolutionary patent pending F-GT Lite, allows you to be in true racing positions for both formula and GT in the comfort of your own home. The new Next Level Racing hubs allow quick and easy adjustment from GT to Formula position to get you racing in minutes. Engineered to with stand 150 kg of force per hub, the Next Level Racing hubs provide durability and strength. When not in use, the quick release of the hubs allows the cockpit to be easily folded and stored. The Next Level Racing F-GT Lite has been developed and engineered to give solid support for your wheel, pedals and shifter for the ultimate home racing experience. With full range of angle, height and distance adjustability of the wheel and pedal plate, you are set to find the desired racing position. Using alcantara and breathable mesh material, the F-GT Lite provides a unique and enjoyable racing experience. Added seat bolsters, allow the users to feel comfortable at all times. Constructed with the highest-grade powder coated carbon steel, the F-GT Lite ensures long term durability. With minimal assembly required, the F-GT Lite is ready to race in minutes