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Hot-swappable Design with pre-loaded Razer¢ Orange Tactile Switches Gen-3 Compatible with 3 or 5-pin switches, the keyboards socketed PCB allows you to easily swap out its pre-loaded switches for custom ones to achieve your desired key feel. Compact 75% Layout with Aluminum Case for balanced functionality and greater durability Ideal for minimalist setups where desk space is a premium, the keyboards solid, compact build still includes a function row and arrow keys to cover essential commands. Optimized Typing Experience with satisfying acoustics With a gasket-mounted FR4 plate, tape-enhanced PCB, lubricated stabilizers, and two layers of sound dampening foam, enjoy light, balanced keystrokes that sound full and satisfying. 2-side Underglow with Per-Key Lighting powered by Razer Chroma¢ RGB Featuring per-key lighting and a striking 2-side underglow, sync the keyboard with your battlestation and enjoy greater immersion for hundreds of integrated games. Multi-function Roller and Media Keys for convenient control Pause, play, skip and tweak everything from brightness to volume - the ultimate convenience as you enjoy your entertainment. Magnetic Plush Leatherette Wrist Rest for extra gaming comfort With a soft, cushioned wrist rest that securely snaps to the keyboard, enjoy long-lasting comfort that helps you power through the most intense gaming marathons. SWAP OUT. SWAP IN. GAME ON.